IT Infrastructure Building And Supporting

DAT’s IT infrastructure building services primarily focus on virtualization, networking, storage and backup consolidation, and IT consultancy.

With the guidance and support from DIR, DAT has successfully implemented a cloud-based thin-client and OA environment at the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) using the ITIL framework methodology. Additionally, we have provided infrastructure building and IT services for the establishment of stock exchanges and securities companies in Myanmar. Over the past few years, we have focused on providing high-quality ICT services to the Yangon Stock Exchange and securities companies, and have since continued to support the maintenance and operation of CBM’s OA and CBM-NET environment.

Since 2013, DAT has been providing IT system development services to the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) to enhance the efficiency of its daily office operations. The first version of the Workflow System and E-Office Automation System was completed and implemented at CBM’s Yangon branch. Following the successful deployment, DAT continued to provide outsourcing services for the monitoring and support of the OA environment at CBM’s Yangon office.

We are proud to have played a role in the development of Myanmar’s IT infrastructure and look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions and support to our clients.


Virtualization technology is a cutting-edge technology that enables businesses the ability to operate more efficiently and save significant amounts of money. Our services can assist you in implementing virtualization technology successfully by offering jointly engineered solutions based on hardware and virtualization management technologies as well as industry-leading virtualization software providers. We provide complete virtualization solutions including:

  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI)
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Our network solutions and services help organizations to plan, design, implement and maintain their IT infrastructure. We provide a comprehensive suite of network solutions including for LAN Infrastructures, WAN Infrastructure and Security Devices and Wireless Devices, etc… :

Network Design and Planning

Our team of experts can help you design and plan your network infrastructure to meet your business needs, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.

Network Installation and Configuration:

We provide end-to-end installation and configuration services, from cabling and hardware installation to software configuration and testing, ensuring that your network is up and running smoothly.

Network Security :

We offer a range of network security solutions, including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, VPN, and network access control to protect your network from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Network Management :

Our network management services include monitoring, maintenance, and support, ensuring that your network is operating at optimal performance and  minimizing downtime.

Wireless Network Solutions :

We offer wireless network solutions that provide high-speed connectivity and seamless mobility, enabling your employees to work from anywhere and improving productivity.

Cloud Networking :

Our cloud networking solutions help you to connect your on-premises network to the cloud, providing secure and reliable connectivity to cloud applications and services.

Storage and Backup Consolidation

DAT’s expertise in data storage and backup consolidation enables us to offer high-quality and robust IT solution services to our clients. Our team has extensive experience in designing and implementing data storage solutions and providing ongoing support to ensure seamless operations.

Our approach to data storage and backup consolidation is to thoroughly assess our clients’ current infrastructure and data management needs to develop a tailored solution that meets their specific requirements. We work closely with clients to define the scope of work, estimate costs, and develop project plans that prioritize their business needs.

Our services include overview backup design, daily backup design, and manual backup design. We utilize the latest storage technologies and methodologies to provide reliable and efficient data storage and backup solutions. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to ensure that our clients’ data is secure and accessible at all times.

IT Consultancy

DAT has extensive experience in implementing cloud-based thin-client environments, which allows for secure and efficient remote access to business applications and data. We can provide your business with a customized solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.

In addition, our team has expertise in enhancing existing IT infrastructures to improve performance and efficiency. This includes implementing the latest technologies and solutions to streamline processes and reduce costs.

We also offer a range of quality ICT solutions and services, including network design and implementation, security solutions, software development, and IT consulting. With our experience and expertise, we can help your business stay ahead of the curve and achieve its technology goals.

At DAT, we can help organizations modernize their IT infrastructure by conducting a comprehensive assessment of their current systems, identifying areas that need improvement, and developing a customized plan to implement new solutions. We work with leading technology partners to provide cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

DAT can assist businesses in designing and implementing an OA IT infrastructure that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements, using the latest technologies and best practices. Our services include network design, hardware and software procurement, installation, and configuration, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.