Business Highlight

DAT’s Business highlight from 2013 ~2023 are delivering exceptional software development services. With a focus on offshore projects for DIR, we have implemented cloud-based thin-client environments and office automation systems for the Central Bank of Myanmar, and provided system integration and office automation services for private enterprises. Our successful localization of the Stock Exchange and Securities Trading System development, deployment of Myanmar’s first data center, and launched of the Stock Exchange and MSEC systems, have played a significant role in the development of Myanmar’s financial sector. We are committed to meeting the evolving needs of our clients, and our focus on offshore projects’ productivity improvement, incident management, quality and project management improvement, has helped us to deliver high-quality services to our clients. We will continue to expand offshore projects, enhance the Securities Trading System, Stock Exchange System, and improve productivity, quality, incident and project management, to offer the best possible services to our clients. Choose DAT for reliable and innovative software development solutions.